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Zarbanits is an app development company

That specializes in iphone , android and web app development

As most app development companies in Toronto & Montreal, we deliver software and application development for small and medium-sized businesses as well as established enterprises. Unlike most app development companies, we do it by truly listening to your team and diving in the real challenge your business is facing. 

What make us unique among app development company ?


Our mobile app development process is designed to make any application development seamless ,officient and with as little iteration as possible .

We’re different than other app developers because we’ll jump right into the core of your project with you and become part of your team

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Convert every currency on-the-go with the ZARBAN App for iPhone.

App Zarban offers live proprietary exchange rates and historical charts. Plus, it stores the last updated rates so it even works when the Internet doesn't
Mobile Apps Development in Toronto, ON and Richmond Hill, ON
Mobile Apps Development in Toronto, ON and Richmond Hill, ON

zarban app   Exchange Apps 1

  • Rate Alerts

  • Use it Offline

  • Live Currency Rates

  • Popular Currency Profiles

  • Central Bank Rates


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