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Custom Website Design
Affordable & Practical Website Design Unique in Quality & Price. We Care About Your Budget, limitations & Concerns. Your Success Is Our Success.
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Landing Page Design
One of the most effective and practical data gathering facilities which can dramatically improve the performance and ROI rate of digital advertisements.
No time to design a complete website? Try Landing Paes to strart your lead generation.
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Real Estate Web Design
IDX Enabled and 100% Google Friendly solution for REALTORS & real estate sales representatives. Pre-construction and lead generation forms included.

We also can Integrate your previously designed website with TREB IDX to make it more professional.
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Search Engine Optimization
Not happy with the performance or traffic of your website?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Works.
100% affordable and cost effective SEO packages for almost every website.
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Social Media Marketing
Stop endless postings and sharings!

Our cost effective and professional content marketing and PPC solutions help you to reach the most potential clients across well-known social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
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Vaughan Web Design & Development

Work with us & become the WINNER of the Marketing Competitions in Vaughan, ON
WordPress Web Design
We design, redesign, maintain and optimize commercial & business WordPress websites across Vaughan, ON. Have a previously designed website? We can maintain & optimize.
Mobile Apps Development
Empowered by professional UX and Graphic design teams we can make sure that our product will be 100% light weight, user friendly and easy to take care.
Search Engine Optimization
Quality & affordable SEO in Vaughan, We boost your website to attract both search engines & Internet users to your business website.
Social Media Marketing
Looking for a PPC, Paid Ads and Social Media advertisement contractor? You are just one click away! We also provide story & graphic design for Instagram.
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E-commerce Design
An Online Store Website is a great way to sell services & products to clients across Vaughan. Try our cost-effective E-Commerce website solutions.
Graphic Design
Full Graphic Design, Printing, Signage service package for commercial & industrial applications in Vaughan,ON.

Vaughan Web Design

Why Choose ZARBAN?

For almost 10 years, we have been serving Vaughan commercial and industrial clients with affordable and professional Website Design, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Advertisement.

Cooperation of our expert CSS, HTML, Web Design, Graphic Design and SEO teams always leads to a great business result for our clients. Our Web Development skills and understanding the concept of CMS and SEO standards help us to design a better and more practical digital marketing strategy for our clients. You can see the result in our Google Reviews!

We believe in long term business relationships,Your Success is Our Success.

Our Web Design at a Glance

  • 100% Responsive
  • 100% Google Friendly
  • Unique Content Writing
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Social Media Content Included
  • High Speed Hosting Included
  • SSL Certificate Included
  • Template Fee Included
  • Basic Website SEO Included
  • Social Media Configuration Included
  • Google Configuration Included

Our Website Design Portfolio

We provide a wide range of digital marketing and web design services for Vaughan,ON

A Wide Range Of Web Design Services Including WordPress, Joomla, Online Store & Business Web Design.

Vaughan Search Engine Optimization

A Client Success Story

After 3 weeks of website optimization, a money exchange office in Toronto, ON reached to 79.1K clicks and 233K total impressions. The procedure included content writing for money exchange business, website optimization and resolving Google indexing problems.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an affordable and straightforward solution to improve the search engine visibility, website traffic and lead generation for almost every business across GTA and York Region.
As a SEO consultant company, we can provide SEO consultation service for your business to make sure the SEO goal is realistic and at the same time practical.

SEO in Markham

One Stop Vaughan Website Design Company

Enjoy Our Complete Business Web Design Package

Do you need an affordable,clean & good looking website for your business?

Have a website which needs modification, maintenance and search engine optimization?

As a Professional Web Design Company we have a complete service package, We can design a new website or maintain your previously designed and existing business website.

We not only provide website design using well-known CMS applications such as Joomla & WordPress, but also can take care and optimize websites designed via other famous online platforms like WIX, Square Space, Weebly and GoDaddy Page Builder.

Our knowledge of CSS, HTML, Graphic Design,Web Development and Search Engine Optimization helps ass to be able to apply any kind of modification and optimization on clients website and we have tracking and performance monitoring tools to make sure we did it correctly and the website is working as planned

Responsive Website Design in Vaughan, ON
Vaughan, ON is a fast growing city with a highly competitive market. A responsive, mobile friendly and professionally designed website can help your business or corporation to be discovered by more potential clients all around the York Region or even Canada. As a web development company we can help you about. Zarban is a professional website design and web development company near you, ready to provide all required technical and technological services to At Zarban we provide an A-Z responsive website design service which attracts both search engines and humans to your products and services.
Search Engine Optimization In Vaughan, ON
Not happy with the performance or traffic of your website? Cheap website design, employing unstable or weak technical resources and wrong or unrelated SEO (search engine optimization) settings are causing such problems for almost every business website. To resolve this problem, our Web development team will co-operate with SEO specialists to analyze website performance problems and suggest required modifications to resolve this problems.

We Support ALL WELL-KNOWN Page Builders

We Design, Maintain & Optimize

Is your business website designed by Online Website Builders such as WIX, WEEBLY and GoDaddy Page Builder? We can take care of maintenance, redesign, optimization and migration to new platforms.

Looking for a solution to improve the search engine visibility of your WIX or Weebly Website? No need to redesign, We provide search engine optimizaion (SEO) service for all above-mentioned website design platforms with a surprising result.

WordPress & Joomla are the most well-known content management systems widely used for website design. Our Website Design, Website Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization services for these CMS systems can make you sure that your business website will work as planned.

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Joomla Website Design
  • Godaddy Page Builder Design
  • WIX Website Design
  • Square Space Website Design
  • Weebly Website Design

    E-commerce Website Design In Vaughan, ON
    Want to sell your products or get online service requests? People use Google, Yahoo, Bing and other well-known search engines to find what they need. An E-commerce website professionally designed and optimized for online marketing and online purchasing can encourage search engines to show you earlier than your business competitors. The mobile friendly nature of E-commerce websites improves visitor’s satisfaction and encourages them to browse available items or products and put an order their favorites. Via our web development, mobile programming and SEO skills, we can design and customize a website compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile devices and ready to receive great amount of internet traffic. This will have a direct impact on your lead generation and ROI rate.
    Mobile Apps Development In Vaughan, ON
    By using integrated and high performance mobile app development frameworks we provide the development service for Android and iOS mobile devices. Empowered by professional UX and Graphic design teams we can make sure that our product will be 100% light weight, user friendly and easy to take care.
    Our Service List By Product
    • Website Maintenance
    • Website Integration
    • Custom Website Design
    • Instagram Paid Advertising
    • Google Paid Advertising (AdWords)
    • Bing Paid Advertising
    • LinkedIn Paid Advertising
    • Website Design/Redesign
    • WordPress Web Design
    • WordPress Maintenance
    • WordPress Search Engine Optimizaion
    • Joomla Web Design
    • Joomla Maintenance
    • Joomla Search Engine Optimization
    • eCommerce Web Design
    • Woocommerce Web Design
    • Online Store Design
    • Online Store Mobile App Design
    • CMS Web Design
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Content Generation