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You Are Reading This Page Because Internet Marketing Works!

Looking for a new way to increase your business cash flow? Try an Online Store

Employ a full time sales representative to sell your products / services 24*7. No employment contract, no employer obligation, it’s simply called e-commerce website!

Our responsive and search engine friendly e-commerce solutions can be employed to start or increase your online sales.

As an E-commerce website design contractor in Markham, we understand the importance of digital marketing and online sales in a highly competitive market like the one in Toronto & York Region.

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    Why Zarban?

    • At Zarban, our Graphic Design, Web Developer, Search Engine Optimization and finally Website Design experts help each other to design an eye-catching and search engine friendly E-commerce website to attract both people and search engines.
    • A modern eCommerce website must be secure, safe and fast, our programming knowledge on one hand can help us to understand, detect and resolve almost every possible security risk and on the other hand empower us to improve performance and response time of every eCommerce website we design for our clients.
    • Our Professional photography team can take care of all required photography and image optimization procedures to make sure the image quality and appearance are optimized for both search engines and visitors.
    How Long Will It Take?
    Designing an E-Commerce / Online Store website is a time consuming project and depends on your expectations and inventory status. To provide the time estimation report, we will schedule a meeting to discuss about resources and expectations.
    Is Online Payment Supported?
    Yes, Our E-Commerce and Online Stores support multiple payment options including PayPal, Master Card, Visa Card, American Express and other well-known online payment options.
    Will It Be Mobile Friendly?
    Yes, Our E-Commerce and Online Store websites are fully mobile friendly and their UX and UI experience on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Phones are great.
    Will I Have Access To The Inventory?
    Yes, you will have full access to the online store inventory to check reports, sales, orders and quantities reports.
    How Much Does It Cost?
    The cost of an online store depends on multiple parameters and factors. We will provide the exact cost estimation after orientation meetings with your team.
    How Can I Pay?
    We have flexible payment options and open to discuss about payment due dates. As Online Store design company in Markham, ON, we consider you as our business partner and will do our best to understand your financial and resource limitations.

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