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A grocery store in Toronto, North York. After 3 month of Search Engine Optimization performance on their website, total clicks raised to 1.36K and total impression improved to 30.8K.
Richmond Hill SEO Client Success Story
A renovation company in Markham, ON. After 3 month of SEO performance on their website the total clicks reached to 51 from 0 and total impression improved to 2.57K
Richmond Hill SEO Client Success Story
A real estate sales representative personal website. After 3 month of search engine optimization and website optimization the total click reached to 22 from 0 and total impression increased to 1.95K
Richmond Hill SEO Client Success Story
SEO Company & SEO service in Markham, ON

You Are Reading This Page Because Our SEO Works!

As a local search engine optimization consultant company in Markham, ON, we provide local and customized SEO service for business and industrial applications across Markham, ON and York Region. Not happy with the performance or lead generation rate of your website? Our SEO experts help.

Empowered by professional teams of Website Design, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, at Zarban we know how to boost up a business website to not only appears on the first page of well-known search engines such as Google and Bing, but also how to convert the visitors to potential marketing leads for your business.

We understand the importance of cash flow and day to day business lead generation. As a result we also provide Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social Media Paid Ads services to make sure your business keeps going while your website Google ranking is improving in the back ground.

Why Zarban?

  • Our knowledge of responsive and user friendly website design including HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP, .NET and SQL Databases help us to improve the performance of a website by nature. This is far beyond installing simple WordPress plugins or paying for CDN.
  • We support all well-known content management systems including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and DotNetNuke. No need to convert or redesign your website by WordPress and loose your current Google rankings, we take care of your website as is.
  • We have on-site content generation team. No need to waste your time for preparing content, we will take care of the entire research, SEO content writing and website modifications. You just need to approve the final result.
  • We have on-site graphic design team. No need to copy from Internet, All graphic designs, Icon designs and slide designs will be done by our expert graphic designers and you only need to approve.
  • We support WIX, Weebly, Square Space and GoDaddy Websites. These online website builders are widely used by individual, retail and industrial applications and our search engine optimization service help you to improve the website ranking without any redesign or platform migration.
  • We provide pay per click (PPC) and social media advertising as well. No need to wait for higher Google rankings, your business lead generation will start ASAP.

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    When The SEO Works?
    Search engine optimization is a complicated and time consuming procedure and the initial design and content quality of the website affects the time table and resulting period. Generally speaking the first improvements and impressions will come after 2-4 weeks.
    Do I Need A New Website?
    Normally No. If your business website is designed by content management systems same as WordPress or Joomla, new website design is not required. In some cases because of the age or obsolete designs, we may advise you to consider redesigning of your website.
    Should I Continue SEO?
    Yes, When it comes to local competitions, search engine optimization is a day to day and continues competition. Grabbing a top rank of search engines is only 50% of the work and saving the rank is the remaining 50%. If you stop the Website SEO, you will loose your rank in a short time.
    What Is Small Business SEO?
    From a technical point of view it can be considered as a Local SEO. Local or small business do not need global or expensive SEO techniques and some SEO service provides categories this under "Small Business SEO" service package.
    How Much Does It Cost?
    The cost of Search engine optimization procedures depends on your expectations and the market competitions. We can provide the cost and time estimations after required research and analysis. Based on our experience it's normally affordable for small business.
    How Can I Pay?
    We have flexible payment options and open to discuss about payment due dates. As a SEO company in Markham, ON, we consider you as our business partner and will do our best to understand your financial and resource limitations.

    Our SEO Service At A Glance

    • WordPress SEO
    • Joomla SEO
    • Drupal SEO
    • DotNetNuke SEO
    • WIX SEO
    • Weebly SEO
    • Squarespace SEO
    • MOZ SEO
    • Small Business SEO
    • Google seo
    • Bing SEO
    • Yahoo SEO
    • Off Page SEO
    • On Page SEO
    • Organic Website SEO

    Does Local Google SEO Matter?

    Yes it does. When it comes to local business competitions that really matters if your business located at the first page of Google or top rows of Google Maps search results or not. If your website or business name is not listed as first search results then the chance of being discovered by Internet users will be less than you expect.

    Do you have an e-commerce website or online store and want to improve its ranking? Stepping forward for eCommerce SEO or business website SEO will cost a lot unless you have a clear road map and pre-defined SEO solution.

    A Website SEO assessment can help. We can review your website and provide cost and time estimation for such project.

    Our Business Partners

    When you work with Zarban, you are not considered as client. We call you business partner!

    Zarban is made up of creative thinkers, brand experts, strategists, designers, and developers who have a real passion for creating memorable brands, webdesign, and development to grow your business through strategic online and offline communications. Here are a few of our latest projects:

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